Christian Kemp's USA travelogs

Trip 9 - A one-week trip to Death Valley and the Sierra Nevada (November 2005)

A short one-week California road trip that took me to Lake Tahoe, Virgina Lakes and Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierra, several places off the beaten path in Death Valley, and Sequoia National Park.

November 19th 2005
Flying from Luxembourg to Amsterdam to San Francisco
November 20th 2005
Lake Tahoe, Virginia Lakes, Mono Lake
November 21st 2005
Sunrise on Eureka Sand Dunes, long washboard drive to the Racetrack
November 22nd 2005
Visiting Tucki mine and surroundings, a hike up Mosaic canyon, and Skidoo
November 23rd 2005
Sunrise at Zabriskie Point, hikes at Badwater and to Natural Bridge, Artists Drive, Charcoal Kilns, Telescope Peak trail, Harrisburg Flat, Aguereberry Point; and a flat tire
November 24th 2005
Waiting all day long for a replacement car and driving towards Sequoia National Park in the evening
November 25th 2005
Big trees, a bear and bad weather in Sequoia National Park