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[Top]State Park

  • Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park
    Bruneau Sand Dunes, located in a desert environment in the Southwest of Idaho has the distinction of featuring the "largest single-structured sand dune in North America" - it is 470 feet high. There's smaller dunes surrounding it, and a lake at its base.

[Top]Recreation Area


  • City of Rocks National Reserve
    "City of Rocks" is an appropriate name for this place in Southwest Idaho - like the name implies, the area is defined by a multitude of rocks placed by nature in a way that seems less than random.
  • De Lamar, ID
    De Lamar is a ghost town close to Dewey and Silver City in the southwestern tip of Idaho close to the Oregon border. It's located in a canyon along Jordan Creek, and was founded in 1888.
  • Dewey, ID
    Dewey isn't really a ghost town anymore - all that remains of it is a cement structure and a mining structure on the hill above it. Dewey is located in Southwest Idaho, along Jordan Creek, and just a couple of miles from the much larger Silver City.
  • Highway 20, ID
    Highway 20 heads east-west through empty landscapes in south-eastern Idaho. It's home to the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, and one can still see Experimental Breeder Reactor-I (EBR-I), the first reactor to generate useable amounts of electricity from nuclear energy. On December 20, 1951, when it was first fired up, it lighted four light bulbs, and was later used to generate the electricity for its building until it was decommissioned in 1964.
  • Highway 26, ID
    Highway 26 heads east/west from near Jackson, Wyoming into Idaho; and affords nice views of Snake River for a while.
  • Idaho Falls
  • Silver City, ID
    Silver City is a privately owned ghost town in the Southwest corner of Idaho. It can only be reached over dirt roads (via the scenic Silver City Rd, for example), and has managed to preserve a lot of the charm that has been lost in similar towns along major highways that now merely exist to cater to tourists.
  • Silver City Rd
    This is the main road leading to Silver City from SR 78 in the East. It mostly goes through desert landscapes that seem devoid of any civilsation, even though there can be quite a bit of traffic on a summer day.
  • Strevell, ID
  • Twin Falls, ID