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  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
    While the depth (2,722 feet), width and length don't rival its namesake, Arizona's Grand Canyon; Black Canyon is a unique place. The dark grey rock is in stark contrast to the green surrounding; and the drop-offs can be sheer and breathtaking. Following the Gunnison River the length of the canyon seems like an almost impossible task, and stories of early explorers who tried and failed are plenty.
  • Mesa Verde National Park
    Mesa Verde ("green table") National Park is located in Southwest Colorado. Its most prominent features are the various cliff dwellings built by Ancestral Pueblo people around 1200-1300 A.D.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
    Named after the most well-known mountain range in Northern America, this park features both high-mountain peaks (topping out at 14,259 feet) and grassy valleys - still 8,000 feet over sea level.

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