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National Parks

  • Badlands National Park
    In Badlands National Park, grassland suddenly turns into inhospitable cliffs and ridges with almost no plant cover to speak of.
  • Wind Cave National Park
    Wind Cave - the first cave to be designated "national park", and the 7th such park to be created in the United States - is probably most famous for the calcite formation known as boxwork that lines the top of some of the caves, in a very peculiar way. 120 miles of passageways have been explored, making this the fourth-longest cave in the world.

[Top]National Memorial

  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial
    The faces of four American presidents have been carved into Mount Rushmore inbetween 1927 and 1941: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln under the supervision of the sculptor Gutzon Borglum. Each face is about 60 feet (18m) high.

[Top]National Monument

  • Jewel Cave National Monument
    Jewel Cave is said to be the second longest in the world, with more than 135 miles surveyed. It features stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, frostwork, flowstone, boxwork and hydromagnesite balloons.

[Top]National Forest