Christian Kemp's USA travelogs

Trip 6 - Staying in Napa Valley for a month, and an escape to Death Valley (December 2003 - January 2004)

In late December 2003, I reached an agreement with my then-current employer that allowed me to fly to the United States for a month, stay with a friend, and work (via broadband internet) from her home for a month.

Essentially, this meant that I didn't leave the apartment during daylight hours throughout the working week; and consequently there's only trip reports for a small part of the time I was there; with the exception of the end of my trip, when I did manage to fit in a short trip to Death Valley.

December 31st 2003
Waking up in Napa Valley, heading down to the Gordon Biersch in San Francisco for New Year's Eve
January 3rd 2004
Daytrip to Armstrong Redwoods and the Pacific along Highway 1
January 10th 2004
Dayhike to Sugarloaf Ridge, up Bald Mountain
January 11th 2004
Dayhikes to Linda Falls and in Robert Louis Stevenson State Park
January 13th 2004
Hike to St. Helena and back up
January 21st 2004
A long drive from Napa Valley over the Sierra Nevada, down Highway 395, and into Death Valley
January 22nd 2004
Hiking up Eureka Sand Dunes, more hiking in Eureka Valley; and a drive up to Last Chance "cabin".
January 23rd 2004
Hiking around the Last Chance Range, and driving through the Northern part of Death Valley
January 24th 2004
Sunrise at Zabriskie Point; leaving Death Valley and driving back to Napa Valley