Christian Kemp's USA travelogs

Trip 4 - Two-week San Francisco and desert California round trip (February - March 2003)

Sunday, 16th February 2003
Flight from Luxembourg to Los Angeles, driving up Highway 1 to Carpinteria
Monday, 17th February 2003
Drive up Highway 1 from Carpinteria to Watsonville
Tuesday, 18th February 2003
Take Highway 1 into San Francisco
Wednesday, 19th February 2003
Exploring Alcatraz and taking a Cable Car to Union Square and Chinatown
Thursday, 20th February 2003
Hiking over Golden Gate bridge, and back
Friday, 21st February 2003
Miscellaneous sightseeing and some shopping in San Francisco
Saturday, 22nd February 2003
Taking Golden Gate Bridge out of San Francisco, driving up Highway 1, and then heading to Napa Valley
Sunday, 23rd February 2003
Hiking in Napa Valley, heading down towards Death Valley on I-5 (sleep near Bakersfield)
Monday, 24th February 2003
From Bakersfield to Death Valley via Red Rock Canyon and Trona Pinnacles
Tuesday, 25th February 2003
Facing Death Valley's bad weather while hiking to Chloride City and Keane Wonder Mine, as well as a few other more touristy spots
Wednesday, 26th February 2003
Hiking from Zabriskie Point down Gower Gulch Canyon, and up Golden Canyon, then heading to Las Vegas
Thursday, 27th February 2003
Heading from Las Vegas to Valley of Fire; then back to California and through Mojave Npr down to Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree, with a sunset on Route 66 near Amboy
Friday, 28th February 2003
Some hiking in Joshua Tree, and an early retreat to a motel to get some sleep
Saturday, 1st March 2003
More hiking in Joshua Tree
Sunday, 2nd March 2003
Driving back to Los Angeles