Christian Kemp's USA travelogs

Trip 7 - Adventures out West - Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, etc (August 2004)

A knee injury kept me from doing a month-long hike through the Alps, so on very short notice I booked a flight to San Francisco; to make the most of the time until restarting my day job.

I didn't really recover from the injury (quite the contrary), so I spent a lot more time in the car, and a lot less time on hiking trails than I would have liked. On the plus side, I managed to both visit places I hadn't been to before, and cover a large area of new places I'm sure I'll visit again at a later time.

August 9th 2004
Train ride to Brussels, flight to San Francisco, drive to Vallejo
August 10th 2004
Long drive over Nevada's "Loneliest Highway", US 50, to Great Basin National Park
August 11th 2004
Hiking in Great Basin National Park, and driving into Utah
August 12th 2004
Cedar Breaks, Zion's Kolob Canyon, into Grand Canyon
August 13th 2004
Not much of a sunrise at Tuweep (Grand Canyon), back into scenic Utah
August 14th 2004
Driving to Hole-in-the-rock, then back to Hwy 12; taking Burr Trail into Capitol Reef National Park, and ending up at Goblin Valley State Park
August 15th 2004
Sunrise in Goblin Valley and driving Canyonland's White Rim Rd
August 16th 2004
Colorado NM, Black Canyon NP
August 17th 2004
Great Sand Dunes NM
August 18th 2004
Pikes Peak, rainy weather in Denver
August 19th 2004
Rocky Mountain National Park, then Hwy 40 to Dinosaur NM
August 20th 2004
Exploring more of Dinosaur NM, then driving North into Wyoming
August 21st 2004
Grand Teton National Park
August 22nd 2004
Leaving Grand Teton, spending the day in Yellowstone
August 23rd 2004
Spending the entire day in Yellowstone
August 24th 2004
Leaving Whyoming, driving into Idaho to Craters of the Moon NM
August 25th 2004
Driving west, out of Idaho and into Oregon
August 26th 2004
Visiting John Day Fossil Beds, Lava Butte, Deschutes River and Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, Lava Beds National Monument in California
August 27th 2004
Lassen Volcanic National Park
August 28th 2004
June Lake Loop, Devil's Postpile, Mono Lake, Bodie
August 29th 2004
A morning stroll in Bodie, crossing Yosemite on Hwy 120, to Glacier Point