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Perfectly blue water in Tenaya Lake We left Yosemite National Park through Tuolumne Meadows, over Tioga Pass, and then down Lee Vining Canyon to Highway 395. From there, we headed North until we reached Lake Tahoe.

Once more, the views of Half Dome from Olmstead Point, and the view around Tenaya Lake were outstanding, with perfect blue skies to match. We stopped somewhere around Tuolumne Meadows for a break, and enjoyed the relative quiet of Tuolumne River, even though Highway 120 was just a hundred feet away.

After we drove down the remainder of Highway 120 and joined Highway 395, we headed North non-stop until we reached Lake Tahoe. We strolled along the beach for a while (both still not really having recovered from the hike the day before), and then headed to Emerald Bay, where I took quite a few pictures but none that I really liked.

Looking at Lake Tahoe from Emerald Bay We returned to Lake Tahoe, and got a room at the "Big 7 Motel", which was less costly than some of its competitors just because of the fact it wasn't on the lake-side of the road. We didn't mind, happily paid less, and invested the saved money in a nice Mexican dinner at a restaurant just a few hundred feet down the road.

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Written August 5th 2004