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When I had booked my room at Stratosphere Tower, there was a special package that included free entrance to the "tower" part. It was only valid in the morning, but since I still had some time before taking a flight back home that wasn't an issue. There was a security check to get up to the elevator, and I made a rookie mistake: line up for check, put camera in plastic box to be scanned, go through scanner, walk towards elevator... and of course forgot that I had left my camera. Thankfully, a security guard remined me. First (and hopefully last) time this happened to me, and I'm glad I was made aware in time.

The view from the top was spectacular, but of course since everything is behind glass there's a limit to the different perspectives that can be photographed without getting any reflections in the glass. After a while, I headed back down, back into my room, into my car and drove 8 quick miles to the airport for my return flight home.

Miles driven: 8mi (13km)

Written 06-Apr-2011 in Luxembourg