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Today would be yet another driving day: I needed to drive from Arizona to Las Vegas, about 340 miles distant.

Fortunately, Holbrook AZ was just next to Petrified Forest National Park, so I would be getting some more sightseeing in before a fairly monotonous drive. Then again, it would add about sixty miles of driving to the day. Unfortunately, I had yet another late start, and as such arrived in the park several hours past sunrise. Needless to say, the colours weren't as great as they could have been, and I clearly wouldn't be able to get any impressive shots in this kind of flat light and weather.

So after stopping at all the viewpoints along the road, I started my long drive back east, following Interstate-40 all the way to Kingman, and then heading north on Highway 93. This route took me over Hoover Dam, where I encountered dense traffic, unremarkable light; and could see that the big bridge they've been building over the dam still didn't look all that complete.

I continued without much ado, heading to the Stratosphere Casino on the Las Vegas strip, where I'd booked a reasonably priced hotel room that included free entry to the Stratosphere tower the next morning.

Miles driven: 404mi (650km)

Motel/Hotel Accommodation: Stratosphere Tower - Casino and Resort Hotel (Las Vegas, NV): $78.93

Written 24/Feb/2011 in Esch/Alzette