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I got up well after sunrise, but still early enough to get photos of the North Rim in decent light. The South Rim was quite hazy, so I did not linger long, instead opting to head out of the park. My vacation was nearing its end, and I still had some mileage to cover.

My first destination wasn't one that had been high on my list of priorities - in fact, I don't think I ever heard or read about it before. But since Pipe Springs National was conveniently located just next to the highway I was driving on, and since I'd pretty much done every other national park or monument in the area, I figured I'd just cross this one off my list as well.

What I found was basically a few old buildings located near some low cliffs, overlooking the deserted Arizona strip to the south. There was the namesake spring, a few vegetables growing in a garden, and a few cattle lying lazily in the sun. There was a short half-mile circular trail going around the buildings and up the rim, and I followed it in the hopes of getting a few more interesting desert pictures. What I found were remains of the telegraph line that was first installed here in 1871. The scenery was okay, but couldn't live up to the high standards of all the scenic wonders I'd seen and driven through in the past three weeks. Shortly after noon, I was back at the car, and driving towards my next destination.

The Kolob Canyons part of Zion National Park had been on my list of places to visit since 2001, when we didn't have the time to make the detour. I'd been there in 2004, but had been underwhelmed by the light. When I arrived around 4pm, said light wasn't spectacular either; but not all that bad either. Waiting an hour or two would probably have done the trick, but by that time I'd developed a real case of wanderlust; and much like Jack Kerouac in "On The Road" always already looking forward to the kicks the next place would offer.

By the time I arrived at the end of the road, clouds had started to come up, and just like the year before I was getting boring and distracting shadows on the rock faces opposite the viewpoint. In the end, I'd only spent about a half-hour in this park; wondering on one hand what lies beyond the easily accessible viewpoints, but being on the other hand urged by an invisible force to drive more miles, to see more places.

My final destination for the day was still a long drive away; but I didn't stop for pictures anymore; instead arriving in Green River after night fall.

Miles driven: 457mi (735km)

Campground Accommodation: ? (Green River, Utah): ?

Written Saturday, February 13th 2010 on a Ryan Air flight from Frankfurt-Hahn to Arrecife (Lanzarote)