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What to do on a Sunday with decent-but-not-great weather? Head to some local sights, apparently; at least that's what we did.

We had a late start, and first headed to the small "Linda Falls" near the small town of Angwin. To get there, one must cross private property, but we pretended not to notice the "No Trespassing" signs and headed on. It's just a short walk, but I don't think I'd have found it on my own.

I did some experiments with my new camera and the tripod, and took some long exposures of the water flowing down the falls.

We headed to St. Helena for lunch and shopping, and then drove up the main Napa valley to Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial State Park. Here, there's two trails, both of which I'd been to before; but that didn't stop us to head up Table Rock Mountain.

The weather - it had pretty much cleared up and the sky was mostly blue - redeemed some of other days of January when it had been raining almost non-stop, and it was much nicer and warmer outside than I've ever seen in Luxembourg at that time of the year.

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