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R. and I got up fairly early, drove to get breakfast in a nearby town, and then went for a short hike in Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial State Park. The weather had been getting hazier, so I didn't take many photos. (Also, I think I feel more at ease taking more photos when I'm travelling alone, because then stopping every minute to take a picture doesn't inconvenience anyone.)

We returned to her place, I packed my car, and we said our goodbyes - I was still planning to get as close to Death Valley as possible that day; although later on, I did regret that decision and wished I had spent more time with her.

Instead, I drove down towards Interstate 5, where I would spend a few boring hours - the Germans really got it right when they abolished speed limits on stretches of their motorways... at 70mph, you're not making much progress. By the time I reached Bakersfield, I was growing increasingly tired of driving, and either way, the sun was setting, so I checked in at an inexpensive motel next to the Interstate.

Motel/Hotel Accommodation: Homeland Inn (Buttonwillow, CA): $29.65

Short summary written September 2nd 2003.