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My plan for the day was to hike to Alta Plaza, a small park that is famous for its overlook over the San Francisco cityscape and the Victorian residences that were featured in many movies and series.

After getting to Alta Plaza and discovering that the light was not good enough for decent photographs, I hiked towards the Civic Center. I found a a public telephone booth, and thought I might as well call home and confirm that I was still alive, and enjoying myself.

After some more walking - through some blocks that seemed slightly less safe than other places I'd been - I did some shopping downtown. After walking around for three days, I decided I needed a faster mode of transportation, even if it meant distancing myself from the first-hand experience a walk on the streets of Francisco afforded. I bought a bus pass and returned to Alta Plaza; where I was able to take better pictures.

From there, I took a bus and trolley on a circular route back to Fisherman's Wharf, and headed back to the hotel for what would be my final night in San Francisco.

Motel/Hotel Accommodation: Econo Lodge (San Francisco, CA): $60

Short summary written September 2nd 2003, revised on December 23rd 2004 and May 21st 2005.