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Route 66 in California shortly before heading up to Sitgreave Pass After a nice breakfast in a classic Route 66 restaurant and cliché Southwestern style, I set off from Kingman. The first part of the trip would take me over the old Route 66 through Oatman and over Sitgreave Pass. I only made a slow progress, as the road can be narrow and winding at times, and I stopped a few times for photographs. Consequently, by lunchtime I was only at Needles, where I had a burger and fries at another classic Route 66 burger joint, which seemed to be fairly popular with the locals.

From here, the road would take me through the California desert to Barstow, where I would leave Route 66 to head towards Bakersfield and Highway One.

I wish there was something interesting to report about interesting incidents, or remarkable photo opportunities along the way; but there really isn't much to write home about. Not a lot of the Route 66 glamour is left - if there ever was such glamour in the first place - and the scenery alternates from unremarkable desert scenery to worn down houses and various garbage sprewn across a few surrounding acres, most of it fenced in with "No Trespassing" signs around.

Consequently, I didn't stop much; but only made good progress towards my stop for the night. Bakersfield, too, wasn't really a highlight. The city looks unremarkable and is just too large to drive across. Especially if you're looking for a cheap place to stay, motels are hidden inbetween other buildings and rarely show their prices, and everywhere around there's 40 mph signs and traffic expecting you to move even faster than that.

On top of that, I had another TV without remote control... And while this might not be a major deal, for me it was just an average ending of an average day.

Motel/Hotel Accommodation: ? (Bakersfield, CA): ?

Written on November 3rd 2002 at 13:15 at some random corridor at Amsterdam Airport, after erring around for half an hour in search of a power outlet.