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The trip was coming to an end, and there wasn't much to do except head back to smoggy Los Angeles, leaving behind all the interesting places we had been to the last three weeks, but taking along a lot of fond memories.

Still, the drive wasn't entirely uneventful, since we got to drive along some stretches of Route 66 (even though it seems to get less interesting the closer one gets to the general Los Angeles area), and we stopped at Summit Inn for a milk shake.

When we arrived in Los Angeles, I suddenly looked straight ahead at a red light, and for the first time, caught a glimpse of the "Hollywood" sign. Unfortunately, this is the closest we got. (Which, depending on the interpretation of its significance, might not be a big deal, after all.)

Motel/Hotel Accommodation: Comfort Inn& Suites (Los Angeles): $80.10 plus 14% tax

Written August 4th 2004 in Luxembourg