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Bryce Canyon National Park entrance sign After breakfast and a short stop at Red Canyon along the road, we proceeded to the entrance of Bryce Canyon National Park. The sky was heavily clouded. But yet, the views were breathtaking and seemed quite out of this world. We first stopped at Sunrise Point and then hiked down Queens Garden Trail (0.8mi, 320feet descent). By that time, I had already taken quite a few photographs, so that I had to restrict myself from further filling the card along the trail, before having an opportunity to download the pics in the car later on. We stopped at Queens Garden, and then took the Navajo Loop Trail back up to the rim (1.4mi), passing Wall Street to reach Sunset Point.

We had lunch, and then drove the rim loop, visiting Fairyland Canyon, Inspiration Point, Bryce Point (at which point thunderstorms were threatening), Paria View, Rainbow Point (at which the weather was getting just slightly better), Black Birch Canyon, Ponderosa Point, Agua Canyon, Natural Bridge and Farview Point. I was relatively non-thrilled by the viewpoints not located at the main Bryce Amphitheater, but perhaps I was just wearing down a bit.

Multi-coloured "hoodoos" in Bryce Canyon National Park Overall, I'm not too happy with my photography at Bryce. It doesn't really do it justice. I made the mistake of using tele and wide angle converters at some point (both of which, as I later discovered, would produce photos of inferior quality as far as focus and sharpness are concerned), and took panoramas from the rim, looking down into the canyon; rather than on the trails below the rim where I could have aligned the individual photographs more easily so I'd get a perfectly horizontal panorama later on.

Miles driven: 72mi (116km)

Motel/Hotel Accommodation: Capitol Reef Holiday Inn (Torrey, UT): $69 plus 10% tax